Justin Mace's Continental Powered Dragonfly

Justin has fitted an Continental O-200 in place of the previous Subaru EJ22. Here are some pictures of the installation so far, along with some of the SDS EM-2 system. We hope to print more photos and details in the near future.

Rear engine view


Hall sensor mount

ECU mounting detail. Velcro secured.

Update 09/15/00

Justin experienced some frustrating and mysterious problems with the first EM-2 ECU. He was popping circuit breakers on the ignition circuit and had computer resets. After replacement of the ECU board with another one, everything seems to be working well now. We could find no problem with the original board.

He recently made a 2.4 hr trip to see Mark Snow in Carlsbad NM, who also owns a Dragonfly with an EM-1 system and Continental power. This was a distance of 352 nm. The engine ran very well with no problems of any kind. His fuel burn came out to 4.85 gal/hr @ 9,500 ft. The return trip was at the same speed and fuel burn as the trip over. He is still experimenting with leaning techniques.

I asked Justin to compare the speeds and fuel flows between the EJ22 and the Continental:

"Well, as far as I can tell the speeds are about the same, 147 kts @ 7,500, the fuel flow appears to be just about the same also. The EJ-22 had the stock MPFI system. I never could cool the Subaru at full power, something to do with my radiator setup. Anything above 23" mp & it would start to heat up. On the new installation of the Cont I originally had installed an oil cooler, I know that here in the desert southwest of the US with the ground temps of 40 C + the engine would heat up and cause problems. Well with two temp senders in the oil pan, neither one would get over about 70 C so I removed the cooler. The other evening I was flying and the OAT at pattern altitude was 37 C. The oil did get up to about 82 C with the cylinder heads at 200 C. Hard to believe the Cont is running that cool, its a real nice problem to have. One other BIG difference between the Cont and the EJ-22 is about 45 kg. I had a PSRU and a big five bladed prop on the Sube!"

Update 03/09/01

Justin has now accumulated about 60 hrs of flight time on the new installation.