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August '98 Project: 1997 Mazda Miata Turbo

This car is owned by Aaron Chew of Raleigh, NC

After using a Sebring Eaton M45 supercharger kit on the car for a while, Aaron needed more power, so he installed a system IV turbo kit from Bell Engineering Group Inc. This uses a Garrett T-28 compressor and T-25 turbine with integral wastegate. A BEGI intercooler and Mitsu 3000 GT blow off valve is fitted on the induction side. A Borla turbo muffler is used on the exhaust end.

The stock ECU is kept in place but is augmented with a J&S ignition retard knock sensor and an SDS, 4 injector EIC mounting 4- 470cc injectors. Stock 270cc injectors are controlled by the factory ECU. The intake manifold was removed for fitment of the EIC injector bosses on the bottom of the intake runners.

EIC operation starts at around 5" of vacuum to help suppress detonation and supply the extra fuel required as the factory 270s run out of flow capacity. At 11 psi, Aaron estimates 225 hp at the rear wheels and 0-60s in the low 5 second range although these figures have not been verified by testing at this time. This is one quick sleeper lying in wait for the unsuspecting, which is just the kind of car we like to see here at Racetech.

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