Nissan 180SX

This 180SX belongs to Brian Dixon in Okinawa, Japan. The SR20DET was built and tuned by Motorworx in Okinawa, Japan. The block uses the stock forged crank, Carrillo rods, and JE standard bore forged pistons. The head was ported and combustion chambers were reshaped by Motorworx. JUN 280 degree, 11.5mm lift cams, Apexi dual valve springs and retainers, Tomei solid pivots, and JUN cam sprockets make up the valve gear. Combustion is sealed with a Greddy 1.2mm head gasket. The top and bottom end are held together with ARP studs. Clutch is OS Giken.

The cold-side has a Greddy 4 inch core intercooler, an 80mm throttle body from the Infinity Q45, a Greddy intake manifold and a Greddy Type R BOV. The exhaust side has a Trust stainless manifold, HKS T51 Kai turbo, and HKS GT II wastegate. Boost is regulated by a Greddy Profec B boost controler.

Fuel injectors are Denso 1000cc/min fed by an HKS fuel rail. Regulator is made by Sard and the fuel pumps are Walbro 255LPH. Engine management is SDS EM4-4F. The EM4 ECU controls an MSD DIS2 that fires the stock coils. Magnets are mounted in an Unorthodox Racing under drive crank pulley. The EM4 ECU also controls the stock Nissan AIC fast idle system for warm up, cooling fans, and fuel pumps.

Suspension is HKS Hyper D adjustable coil-over. All frame bracing and suspension linkage is spherical rod end type made by Cusco and Tein. Front brakes use Z32 4 pot calipers and front and rear hubs have been converted to five lug. The interior has a four point roll bar, and all Defi instrumentation.

Future plans are to have Motorworx modify and install a transmission form the Nissan R33 Skyline and raise the boost to 30psi. The shown dyno run was done at 20psi (1.38 kg).

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