Turbocharged Chev Cavalier

This car is owned by Dan Cotter in Fairport, NY, USA

The engine is completely stock internally but has been upgraded with the following bolt on custom parts: T3/T04E Turbo Stage III Wheel in a 0.63A/R turbine with a 60 trim T04E compressor, Spearco 18"x6" Intercooler, TiAl 35mm Wastegate, TurboXS Type H BOV, SDS Extra Injector Controller, MSD Inline fuel pump, custom turbo header (made with help from the SDS Tech pages), custom downpipe, exhaust, and charge pipes ( all made from steel exhaust tubing), Griffin aluminum radiator, Derale Electric Fan.

The engine was dynoed and made 233hp at 12.5 psi and is daily driven at 8 psi until a new engine is built up. The stock hp was nearly doubled! (SAE)

Racetech Home Page: www.sdsefi.com