9 Second Pinto Drag Car

1/4 mile 9.80@ 137 mph

This car is owned by Fred House in Rockhill, PA. It is powered by a naturally aspirated, 2.5L 4 cylinder Ford OHC engine. It is fitted with a Crower stroker crank and rods and Wiseco 14 to 1 forged pistons. Other internal engine mods are numerous. An SDS EM-2D system is used to control fuel. The transmission is now a G-Force 5 speed driving through a McLeod adjustable clutch. Fred says that wheelie bars are NOT an option on this car!

Update 12/06/02

The car is now turbocharged and uses an ice water filled liquid to air intercooler. Best ET 8.92, best MPH 149.90 at 18 lbs. of boost.

Contact Fred at Housepower Engines, 814-447-3064

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