1976 Porsche 934

This car was built by Marc Belanger of Better Technologies Motorsports in Ottawa, Canada.

The car is a replica of a Porsche 934.5 that would typically have been raced in North America during the late 1970ís and early 80ís. Marc Belanger is the chief teaching instructor for the Rennsport region of the Porsche club of America and he uses this car for driver education and driver training events. This is not a street car. Over the past four years, it has been regularly seen at tracks such as Mont. Tremblant, Mosport, Shanonville, and Watkins Glenn.

This car is based on a 1976 Carrera 3.0 shell. It has spent itís last three years as turbo. Its engine is based on a 3.3 litre production turbocharged Porsche flat six. It is now twin plugged and uses an SDS EM-3 6F system with twin coil packs. Other engine modifications consistent with the performance of this type of vehicle have also been made, but nothing extraordinary. Fuel and air delivery is provided by a later style 3.2 liter Porsche intake manifold and RC Engineering injectors. Turbo charging is provided by a single Holset turbocharger. The intercooler was built using a significant Spearco core.

The carís dyno chart shows 420 hp and 456ft-lbs at the wheels with approximately 0.9 bar (13 psi) of boost.

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