9 Second Shelby Charger

This car was built by Stephane at SM Performance in Granby, Quebec, Canada

Engine is the original block, 2.2L, eight valve SOHC with JE pistons, aluminum rods, 44mm intake valves, 36mm exhaust valves. Turbo is a Turbonetics T68 ball bearing type, with Turbonetics Godzilla BOV, Tial 52mm Wastegate, Mopar performance cam, custom exhaust manifold (ceramic coated), Water to air intercooler and a Neon rad.

An SDS EM-4E/MSD does the fuel and spark control, 2 Bosch fuel pumps supply the methanol via a Holley fuel regulator to eight MSD 96lb. injectors. Power is 508hp at 20 psi, which blasts the 1715lb. (with driver), front wheel drive car to a 9.75 second 1/4 mile at 141.89 mph.

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