Merkur XR4ti

This car is owned by Alex Gracia from New York City, USA. This car will be used for the street and drag strip.

The engine is highly modified with a Volvo, DOHC, 16 valve head, .030 over block, O-ringed, Crower Rods, Wiseco pistons and a high volume oil pump. The tranny is T-5 from a Ford SVO with a Kevlar clutch.

Turbo is T3/T4 with a .63 exhaust housing and a T61 front compressor. Boost is regulated by a Tial 40mm wastegate. A Spearco front mounted intercooler cools the charge and pressure is released by an HKS BOV. Fuel is fed by an in-tank 255LPH pump and four 72lb injectors, controlled by an SDS EM-3 4F.

Hall sensor mounting detail

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