1986 Turbo MR2

This car is owned by Pat Roberts

The engine is a 4AGZ with Formula Atlantic valves and springs, ported head, stock cams, adjustable pulleys, shotpeened rods and ARP fasteners. Turbo is a Garrett TO4B, wastegate is a Turbonetics Deltagate, exhaust manifold is a custom built 316 stainless piece. The intake manifold and throttle body are custom made from billet aluminum. Intercoolers are twin Audi units. Engine management is by and EM-2 4F with Accel coils. Injectors are 036 Bosch 480cc barb types. The water and oil systems have been extensively reworked for racing.

Drivetrain consists of an aluminum flywheel and ACT 6 puck clutch disc. Suspension has been modified with Koni and KYB shocks, 2.5 inch springs and adjustable perches, adjustable front camber and castor plates and the elimination of all rubber bushings by using rod ends. Fondmetal 15 X 7 rims are fitted.Other mods include lots of lightweight fiberglass body panels, Momo steering wheel, short throw shifter and Autometer gauges. The car is used for street, autocross and track events.

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