Turbocharged BMW 325i

This 1989 BMW 325i was built by Tom Valo from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The 2.5 liter motor is stock internally except for custom CNC machined pistons, ported head to lower compression from 9.8 to 7.8. and Raceware head studs. A KKK K26 turbo with Deltagate2 wastegate is fitted onto a custom exhaust manifold with 2.5" freeflow exhaust and Thermal stainless muffler. Larger fuel injectors from a 5 series BMW, Greddy intercooler, a Sard blow-off valve and SDS fuel management system complete the bolt-ons.

The car posted a 1/4 mile run in 13.4seconds @ 102mph, 0-60 in 5.1seconds with a 2.91:1 rear axle ratio and street tires, running 7.5psi of boost. Suspension, interior and exterior are also customized. This car is daily driver and is not a "track only" car.

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