Porsche 911

This car is owned by Brent Thorkelson from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Power comes from a twin plugged, 3.2 L with Ruf pistons and cylinders, 10 to 1 compression, 3.2L intake manifold, 964 cams, all new internals, SDS EM-3 6F engine management system, 300cc Motorsport injectors and a stainless sport muffler.

A factory limited slip is fitted with an aluminum flywheel.

Suspension changes include: Weltmeister hollow torsion bars, 22mm front 29mm rear, polyurethane bushings throughout, Weltmeister 22mm adjustable sway bars front and rear, front camber plates, front strut tower brace, Turbo tie rod ends and Koni adjustable yellow race shocks.

Brake mods include: Boxter monoblock 4 piston calipers front, Carrera gas slotted rotors, front brake proportioning valve and stainless lines.

Wheels are FUCH'S, 16 x 8 front, 16 x 9 rear, tires are Yokohama 032R 225/50/16's front, 245/45/16's rear.

The chassis features an Imola II Race Seat and SCCA legal full 8 point cage.

The whole car is super clean with excellent attention to detail. An SDS mixture meter is built into the OE VDO clock face for instance. The ECU is mounted under the passenger seat.

Brent has been extremely successful in competition with the car, listing the following accomplishments: WCMA A-SP Solo II Champion 2000, 1998, 1997, Solo I Series 3rd 1999, 1st 2000, Western Canadian United States Nationals A-SP 1st place, Knox Mtn Hill Climb 2000 6th place SP-3, Knox Mtn Hill Climb 2001 1st place SP-3, BC / Praire Challenge 1st place 2000, 1999, 1998.

Brent reports that the new engine pulls much more strongly and recent tuning on a Dynojet showed about 240hp. Tuning continues.

Racetech Home Page: www.sdsefi.com