1967 Fiat 850 Turbo

This immaculate 1967 Fiat 850 Spyder convertible is owned by Pat McDermott. Chassis is chromoly tube. Engine is a VW Type 1, turbocharged /intercooled 2.2 litre managed with an SDS EM-4 4F, 70lb. injectors , MSD coils , MSD DIS-2. Also aboard is an alky injection that is activated at 14lbs. and above.

At 18 lbs. of boost the car made 345 hp. at the wheels (w/ no alky) and to date has a best et. of 9.71 @ 145.6 mph. Car weighs 1600 lbs. with driver. The car has 2 seats and is driven (not raced) on the street ocassionally. When people go for a ride they are in disbelief of the extreme acceleration. Currently Pat upgrading to 84 lb. injectors and will be turning up the boost.

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