1980 Triumph TR8

These cars were prepared by Tim Lanocha of Lanocha Racing Systems in Maryland, USA.

The gold car is powered by a Rover 4.6 stroked and bored to 5.0 liter with 11:1 pistons, Manley rods, ported, polished and flow bench tested heads with a custom sheetmetal intake.

Fuel is controlled by an SDS EM-3D injection, ignition is with an MSD distributor and 6AL. Tim fitted a custom bellhousing with T56,6 speed transmission and custom 4-link 8 3/4" Mopar differrential with 3:91ring and pinion gears to handle the massive increase in torque.

Lanocha Racing specializes in Rover V8 Performance modifications and tuning.

Update 11/01/00

Tim ran a 12.568@ 108mph at Cecil County Dragway on October 29/00.

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