1981 Delorean DMC-12

This car is owned by Jim Witherspoon of Hudson, Ohio, USA. Power comes from the standard PRV, odd fire, V6 2.8L mated, to the 5 speed. These cars were originally fitted with a Bosch CIS system which has now been replaced by an SDS EM-3 4D system.

Bosch 0-280-150-812 electronic injectors fit the existing 14 mm CIS injector ports. The fuel pressure regulator is from a 1981 Nissan 280 ZX which runs at 43 psi. Borg Warner PN 21710. It uses 5/16 inch barb fittings and mounts nicely to the forward right corner of the air flow meter housing.

The original Delorean Bosch fuel pump, fuel filter, delivery lines to the engine compartment and return line plumbing were retained. The air temp sensor was provided by Racetech, and is mounted in the factory original 1/8 inch NPT plug located in the left rear corner of the intake manifold. The engine temp sensor is also provided by Racetech.

For the distributor and advance, the existing vacuum advance solenoid, micro switch on the throttle body and the entire ignition system was retained. The PRV is an odd fire V-6, so tach signals from the Bosch ignition ECU to the ignition coil are uneven. The Racetech SDS ECU is driven off of this signal, which is picked up at the coil terminal # 1. Odd fire does not seem to be a problem since the RPM values used for most of the RPM ranges are the same or very flat. If you're concerned about triggering the SDS ECU off of the odd fire coil, then you can opt to install a Hall effect triggering system off the crank pulley. Jim reports that his runs very nicely off the tach signal.

The original Bosch O2 lambda sensor was retained. The SDS ECU can be programmed to run in closed loop lambda mode between high and low map values and high and low rpm values that you can set, using the existing single wire or a newer 3 wire O2 sensor.

The SDS ECU was mounted right behind the driver seat where you'll find the 3 existing OEM ECU's. Since Jim abandoned the idle speed motor, he removed the black Bosch idle speed motor ECU which sits right on top of the metal mounting frame. The Bosch lambda ECU can also be removed for more space.

Racetech Home Page: www.sdsefi.com