Nov. '99: F3 Reynards in Germany

These 2 Reynards were prepared in Schwalmtal, Germany for use in a racing class set up for older F3 chassis built up to 1996. These class rules differ from the "real F3" classes in several ways: The engine must be stock internally. The exhaust can be changed and all modern race cars in Germany must run a catalyst. Modifications to the induction system, lubrication system and clutch are unrestricted.

This 883 Reynard is powered by a 2L Opel, 16V and fitted with a custom built header and muffler and HJS catalyst. It is dry sumped with a 2 stage pump. The oil tank is in the transmission housing. Clutch is a Sachs twin disc with an aluminum flywheel. Induction is by twin, TWM 45mm throttle bodies. Engine management is by an SDS EM-2F, direct fire system. The engine produced 175 hp with Weber 45 DCOE carbs at 6300 rpm. It picked up 15 hp with the addition of the injection system along with a much improved torque curve.

The car is driven by 24 year old Uwe Gobel from Bautzen.

The second below car is an 873 Reynard driven by 57 year old Manfred Kuhn from Berlin. It is powered by a BMW M3 2L engine with a modified Bosch Motronic presently. This will likely be changed to SDS in the near future.

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