'72 B110 Datsun Bonneville Record Holder

This car is owned by Doug Lincoln of Rebel Engine in Simi Valley, California. The engines are built by Mark Brewer, crew chief and co-driver.

Power comes from 1400cc to 2000cc eight plug, NAPZ 4 cylinder engines. Pistons are 7.65 Venolias and cams are Crower. The turbo is a Garrett T4/T3 hybrid and the car is fitted with an ice water intercooler. Engine management is handled by an EM-3 4F system driving twin coil packs. Transmission is a 280ZX 5 speed and the diff is a Ford eight inch fitted with gear ratios ranging from 3.0 to 3.55.

This car holds 10 landspeed records at El Mirage and two records at Bonneville. With the 1.4L engine running on 3 cylinders due to damage piston damage in the #1 hole and #2 pumping major oil, the car broke the existing class record by over 20 mph, going 139.8 mph. This was accomplished with the #1 injector lead and #1 intake rocker disconnected and on the short 3 mile course!

At El Mirage with an 1800cc engine fitted, the car holds the class record at 164.234 mph on a 1.3 mile course!

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