Turbocharged '77 Celica

This car is owned by Romel Tenchavez in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Power comes from a 22R fitted with 7.2 Mahle forged pistons and a Fel-Pro head gasket. Most of the other internals are stock. The turbo is a Garrett T4/T3 hybrid using a T-5 compressor and a standard .63 exhaust end and dumps through a 2.5 inch exhaust. 440cc injectors are used and an EM-2 4F system controls the fuel and spark. The blow off valve is HKS and the intercooler is a Speaco unit with custom fabbed tanks. The car has run a best 1/4 mile of 14.8@99.2 mph on narrow street rubber at 12 psi with the factory a/c in place and a 50 pound, 8 speaker, Alpine stereo system

Spearco intercooler installation

The car runs on 205/50/15 Ventus radials mounted on 15 X 7 Panasport wheels. Shocks are Tokico adjustables. Springs are Suspension Techniques with a 1.5 inch drop. A larger rear sway bar is fitted. The diff is Corolla GTS LSD unit with 4.30 gears and the car is fitted with a front strut brace.

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