Last Update Oct. 19/23

Superior Design= Superior Performance

GM Engines

Time Wall's outstanding Spitfire replica. Buick 3.5L V8 powered, SDS CPI ignition.

Pat Stanley's beautiful S51 runs SDS EM-5 ECUs to control ignition on the Big Block Chev V8.

Len Baxter's LS-3 powered Velocity

Video of Len Baxter's LS-3 powered Velocity

Jeff Ackland's LS V8 powered P85 is equipped with an SDS EM-5 8D engine management system. Flying in Kansas.
First flights video
Ground running, takeoff, low pass and landing

Ground running with stack exhaust

Ray Watson's LS3 powered Moose

New website:
New video July 2019 covering engine and airframe
Videos of LS3 powered Moose with SDS EM-5 8F system

LS throttle body adapter to SDS 80mm billet throttle body to fit LS7.

Hall sensor mount made by Jim Gollagher in Australia

EM-5 8F kit for LS7

Rover V8

Gordon Wardstrom's Rover V8 powered Bearhawk. SDS equipped. Over 1500 trouble free hours. Runs head to head with IO-540 Bearhawks.