Last update June 28/17

Continental Engines

Questair Venture Continental 550 twin turbo fitted with SDS EM-4 6F. At Reno on Sept. 20/09 this aircraft finished third in Super Sport Class Gold at 382mph. Sept. 2010- It wins Super Sport Class at Reno.

Mark Robinson photo

Mark Robinson photo

Mark Robinson photo

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See the Venture running at Reno 2008

Reno 2010 Super Sport video

Andrew Findlay's twin turbo 550 being prepared for Reno 2017

Andrew's panel in flight. Notice how close CHTs are balanced using the SDS individual cylinder fuel trim feature. Andrew just finished the PRS at Reno.

Along with the's six cylinder engines, we have done a number of smaller Conti engines, the first back in 1996. Mark Snow was an early SDS user on his C-85 powered Dragonfly, accumulating over 750 hours. Justin Mace currently has 350 hours on his SDS equipped, O-200 powered Dragonfly. See more details on these aircraft below:

Fuel and spark control kit for O-200. Wiring not shown. 15 lbs complete.

Bert Caron is doing an SDS EFI installation on an O-200. With some fin mods, he was able to fit the Lycoming style injector bosses into the Continental heads.

Mar. 15/17. We've just acquired an O-200 for jigging and development purposes. This will be used to design some new CNC'd parts to make the installation easier on these engines. We'll eventually be running it on our test stand with a prop. Watch for more updates as the project progresses.

Working on prototype Hall sensor mount

Machined up some engine mount hardware to mount the engine on the test stand

Prototype Hall sensor mount fabbed up

Coils mounted in old mag position

CHT sensor mount for starting and warmup

Engine mounted up on test stand

Engine with sump, plugs, fuel pump, starter installed and engine stand support arms fabbed. BMW is used for dead weight to keep the assembly from running away.

New CNC'd bits

Coil pack mounted up to left mag position

Injector mounted to induction elbow

Throttle body in place

Hall sensor bracket

Plug wires and throttle linkage installed

Both coil packs installed with plug wires

Fuel block for O-200

Engine all hooked up on test stand

Fuel block

Rear view

Injector detail

First run

750rpm idle

Running video:

Startup and running to 1800 rpm.

WOT testing to 2400 rpm

Kit for O-100 Conti. Fuel and spark control

Les Smoot's J-3 Kitten powered by 84 cubic inch 4A084 GPU engine fitted with EM-4 4D fuel injection system