Last update Aug. 12/19

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We've been supplying EFI/EI systems for Rotax 912/914 engines since 2007

Rotax 912/914 Engines

We are now working on an all new EFI system for Rotax 912 engines with testing to begin in Aug. 2019.

Here are the first photos of some of the parts for the new Rotax kit:

Be aware that the current draw in cruise of our EFI (fuel only) system is around 7.5 to 8 amps. The stock Rotax 912 charging system outputs a maximum of 18 amps at high rpm.

SDS install on Andrew Shay's Van's RV-12 in Australia

Legacy Rotax 912 lightweight manifold with throttle body and injectors mounted. No longer available in 2019.

3.5 pounds/ 1.6 Kg as shown. No longer available is 2019.

Please note that the manifold above is no longer available

Other parts we currently offer for Rotax 912/914 EFI conversions.

Lightweight magnet disc and Hall sensor mount.

Single ECU Rotax 912 kit with hand held programmer

New build Rotax 912 EFI manifold April 2018. No longer available in 2019.

45mm throttle bodies for commercial client

Some photos of Kapser Naef's supercharged Rotax 912 with SDS fuel injection:

On Evans Lake, BC

Kasper's plane beside Martin Mars water bomber

Kasper with SDS equipped Rotax 912S on his trip to the Yukon

Replace your crude stock Rotax ignitions with the modern and reliable SDS CPI:


More photos and development details here on the early system kits we offered back in 2007:

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