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November's Featured Project: 2002 Allison Bass Racer

Boat on the water

2002 Allison Bass Racer prepared by Blanchard Performance Engineering, Hammond Louisiana.

Boat outside

This boat is powered by a 2.5 literMercury V-6. Modifications include: Wiseco pistons, block modifications including intake and exhaust porting, 26cc heads, lightened rods, OZ plate, high performance Boyesen reeds, milled out reed blocks, aluminum flywheel, XRI air box, SDS EM-1D fuel injection system, shortened mid-section and a Torque Master gear case.

This is what Darren Blanchard says about SDS:

As a boat racer/builder, I found myself working on the same problems over and over again- MELTED PISTONS as a result of poor fuel management. The SDS EM-1D is a tuners dream. I had my boat up and running and close to dial in less than 2 hours after installation. I am sold on it, it's simple and it works. SDS is the only way to fly!!

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