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Updated May 8/19

SDS Automotive Retail Price List (U.S. Dollars)

Fuel control only
Fuel & ignition, triggers Multispark ignition boxes
Fuel and ignition control with coil pack
Basic EFI Kit 4 cyl. $1072 $1284* $1575**
Basic EFI Kit 6 cyl. $1115 $1347* $1700
Basic EFI Kit 8 cyl. $1183 $1449* $1980
Mazda (2 rotor) $1072 N/A N/A
*EM-5E without ignition coil, coil driver, coil bracket. You must have one of the popular ignition boxes, such as MSD Streetfire, MSD5, old MSD6 (not digital6), Crane, Mallory hifire6a, etc.and a coil.
S.D.S. controls igniton timing by triggering the points wire.
**EM-5 4F version is available without coils. Intended to drive OE coil packs. Price $1504US.
EM-5 4F version is also available to drive MSD DIS-2 box. DIS-2 not included. Price $1394US.
With Optional Knock Sensing (E & F systems only) $100
Optional Fuel Pump Relay $30
Optional Fast Idle $100
Optional RPM Switch Control $30
Optional Electric Fan Control $30
Optional Supercharger Clutch Control Toyota 4AGZ $30
MAP Sensor 1 Bar Abs(for normally aspirated) $73
MAP Sensor 2 Bar Abs(up to 15 psi boost) $84
MAP Sensor 3 Bar Abs(up to 30 psi boost) $100
Bi-directional TPS Kit 5/16" D Shaft Drive $90
Optional Dale 1/8 NPT Temp Sensors $37
Optional Bosch 12X1.5mm Temp Sensors $39
Small Walbro Pump to 300 hp $180
Walbro Pump to 400 hp $210
Borla AN6 Fuel Pressure Regulator $220
Please note that basic kit prices do not include fuel hardware such as injectors, pumps, regulators etc.
We do not recommend fuel pressures exceeding 60 psi with our injectors. Injectors carry no manufacturer's warranty.
All prices in U.S. dollars.
Other prices available on request.

SDS engine management systems are intended for performance and special applications. Installation may void warranties and emission compliance. Since SDS is user programmable, the user assumes full responsibility for any engine damage.


Please note that we no longer send out replacement trigger/ synch magnets for the system. They can be purchsed directly here: Order PN D23 (1/8 X 3/16) for automotive systems and PN D24 (1/8 X 1/4) for Lycoming aircraft systems.

For 4E/4F Hall sensor mounts and SDS EFI sensor and coil mounts to fit Toyota 22R engines from TCR Auto Performance: (Hot Items)

For 6F Hall sensor mounts to fit Corvair applications: American Pi

Click here for more information on options Specifications

Ordering information:

When you order, we will require the following information:
1. Engine type and number of cylinders
2. Injector spacing, impedance and flow rate
3. Options required (example:knock sensing, fuel pump relay etc...)
4. System required (D,E or F)
5. Temp sensors desired. If no preference is stated, GM types will be supplied.
6. Unusual wiring lengths (standard harnesses are 6 feet from ECU to sensors). Custom lengths (longer) are sometimes extra cost.
7. Shipment method. All goods shipped by Air Mail unless otherwise specified.

We can quote you a firm price at this stage so that you can transfer funds.

It is essential that you first confirm the required items by phone or E-mail before ordering. This ensures that the correct system and parts are sent to you. Please read the appropriate payment section for complete information.

Payment Options:

Please note that all orders must be pre-paid by one of the following methods;

1. Wire transfer- If you wish to pay by this method, we can E-mail our bank details to you.

2. Money order or bank draft These should be made payable to Racetech Inc. All orders outside of Canada are priced in US dollars. For international orders, please be sure that your money order is negotiable outside of your country. US postal money orders need to be the INTERNATIONAL version.

Money orders or bank drafts from outside the US or Canada are not accepted for payment.

If you are in a rush to send a money order or bank draft, you can use UPS over night envelope service using our account number. Checks sent by mail in North America will usually take 5-14 days.

Canadian customers may pay in Canadian funds via bank E-transfer from participating institutions. Please email us for pricing and details to do this type of fund transfer.

3. Credit card

visa logo mastercard logo
Accepted credit cards

To process credit cards, we need the name on the card, card number, expiry date and CVN number from the back of the card plus the billing address and phone number. Send this information by email or phone us. If you want the goods sent to a different address, we need you to send an email to us with that information. We do not save credit card numbers in our computers. Please note that all credit card orders, including those in Canada, are priced and sold in US dollars. Please note that some banks have international daily limits of under $250 and high dollar transactions may be also be declined by their security/ fraud departments as protection for the cardholder. In these cases, you will have to clear the transaction with your bank.

We adhere to a "no sleaze" policy with regard to personal, credit card, E-mail and ordering information. We do not share this information with anyone as we feel that this is an invasion of your privacy.

We don't accept credit card payment from certain countries and shipping/ Customs clearance may also be problematical. Check with us first before ordering. Wire transfer payment is an option in some of these cases.

COD Orders

Due to problems with carriers and their regulations, we do not ship orders COD.

Shipping Information:

As of Oct. 5/17, we no longer use Fedex for shipping items. We can ship to almost any address worldwide via air mail or UPS air. There are several shipping options open, depending on the speed you need your order in. On overseas shipments, most orders go by air mail We can quote you shipping costs by phone or E-mail and can confirm the tracking number when the order is sent.


Please note that US Customs often holds shipments valued at over $2000 US until the recipient provides a SSN or Federal Tax ID number. We can add these on the UPS waybill to speed entry if desired.

On high dollar shipments, US Customs sometimes requires that you fill out this form to clear the item:

Please note that Customs, duty and import charges are your responsibility. Check these out before ordering.


We don't accept returns after 30 days and ALL returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge plus charges for any damaged or missing items. As systems are prepared on an individual basis, we cannot re-sell even unused parts in many cases, hence this charge. Credit card orders cancelled before shipment may be subject to a 10% processing charge. Cancelled orders with custom parts are subject to a 10% charge plus charges for any custom parts already made. We do not buy back old systems, even if they've never been installed, just like Sears does not take back your 10 year old washing machine. We've had a number of requests...

IMPORTANT. Shipping returned items for warranty, repair or modification. We provide this information to ensure the fastest, most trouble free service.

When shipping items back to us, DO NOT send by UPS ground, Fedex ground or Express mail. UPS and Fedex ground shipments from outside Canada will no longer be accepted, they'll be returned to you due to the excessive brokerage charges levied by these carriers. All shipments should be sent by regular air mail (not Express Post)or UPS air. Put a reasonable value on the declaration. DO NOT put down the full value of a complete system if you are only returning an ECU for instance. As a guide, ECU value about $300US, 4F coil pack $200. All warranty returns must have the following information on the shipping documentation on the OUTSIDE of the box: Made in Canada, For Warranty Repair and a realistic value. If you do not follow these instructions you may delay your shipment or it may be subject to duty, brokerage or other importation charges. These charges are your responsibility.

Physical and Shipping Addresses (COURIER SHIPMENTS ONLY FEDEX, UPS, DHL ETC.)

Local clients please note that we are located at Springbank Airport, just west of the city.

Physical Address

Racetech Inc.
#5- 304 Noorduyn Park
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3Z 3S8
Ph. Sales: 403-671-4015
Ph. Tech: 403-453-7687 If tech line is busy, call the sales number above.
Use this address to send send Fedex or UPS AIR shipments to us. Please do not send mail parcels to this address
US customers: Please do not send items to us by UPS or Fedex GROUND as they will be returned to you due to the excessive brokerage charges levied.

For mailing items by Post to us, please use the address below. MAIL ONLY. Please don't ship any items by courier to this address:

Racetech Inc.
276 Hidden Valley Grove
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3A 5W9

For orders and inquiries, contact Racetech Inc. or the dealer nearest to you.

Racetech Inc.
#5- 304 Noorduyn Park
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3Z 3S8
Ph. Sales: 403-671-4015

E-mail address:

Buying Used SDS Units

We get many people phoning us wanting spare parts for systems purchased off E-Bay and other sources. Please verify what you are getting or these "deals" can turn out to be very costly. If many parts are missing, it can be rather expensive to replace them. Dated systems may not have current capabilities, may have obsolete software which cannot be easily updated and may not have the hardware configuration for your application. It can be very expensive to switch a 4 cylinder system to a 6 cylinder system or vice versa.

Surplus Item for Sale- IDEC HG1G-4VT22TF-B HMI. Brand new, never powered up, still wrapped and in original box. $300 CAD.

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