This page will contain photos and information on sensors, hardware, and injectors used with SDS EM-5 systems.

Bosch knock sensor

Subaru coil pack used on CPI and aircraft systems, optional for automotive EM-5 4 cylinder engines

Twin Hall sensor for redundant ECU aviation systems

New F Hall sensor for EM-5 and CPI

Subaru type Hall sensor for Subaru EJ, EG and Lycoming engines

These are the 3 different injector boss types we have offered for size comparison. We only offer the smallest one on the right now.

1/8 NPT female fuel connections

Available with top feed or dual side feed tops

Photo of F (L) and E (R) Hall sensors

Photo of Injector connectors that are supplied with SDS EM-5. 8Kb

Photo of new TPS

Photo of Temperature sensors 22 Kb

Optional Bosch Temp Sensors, Water L PN 0 280 130 026, Air R PN 0 280 130 039, 12 X 1.5mm threads

Large Bosch Pump to 600 hp

Small Bosch Pump to 300 hp

300cc Bosch 13 Ohm Injectors Domestic O-rings

4 Cylinder resistor pack for low impedance injectors

6 Cylinder resistor pack for low impedance injectors

8 Cylinder resistor pack for low impedance injectors

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