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What makes SDS a better buy over other programmable systems?

1. Price. Competitive systems for fuel control cost between $200 and $600 more than SDS and most also require a laptop. Competitive systems offering fuel and ignition control cost between $350 and $1200 more. While some DIY brands may be cheaper, they don't include harnesses, which you also have to build and you may have no way to test the computer after it is built.

2. Ease of Programming. SDS uses a dedicated LCD programmer to change values instead of a laptop. This is much easier for most people to understand and use as is our programming architecture. We don't have complicated equations, abstract terms, confusing menus or silly technobabble to confuse you. What use is a programmable system if you can't figure out how to program it?

3. Matched Components. Our ignition control systems come complete with coils and triggering systems which are engineered to work properly and reliably together. No wondering if coil driver brand A will work with coil brand B or if brand X crank trigger will supply the proper signal to the ECU.

4. Quality Construction. All critical SDS components are housed in either die-cast aluminum or anodized, CNC machined billet enclosures for lasting performance.

5. Reliability. We refuse to use marginal components in our systems to save a few dollars. This is false economy. Power transistors are oversized for cool running. Billet enclosures provide proper high heat sink capability. Protection diodes and resistors are used in all critical circuits to help prevent damage from improper hookup. Our single chip ECU design is highly filtered and capable of running properly even in most high interference environments. We use Hall effect crank triggers instead of magnetic triggering for higher reliability. Every system is tested before it goes out and we back up our units with the best warranty in the business.

6. Support. Our sales, service and technical support is the best in the industry as most of our customers will attest to. If you are having a problem, we are here to help you fix it, not to brush you off as some of our competitors do. What good is a system if you can't get help to make it work properly? What kind of tech support will you get with a DIY brand?

7. Information/ Experience. We try to provide the maximum amount of information on our systems to help you make an informed buying decision through our extensive website. You won't find a lot of sales hype here, just facts and good solid information accumulated over 35 years of working with fuel injection, ignition, turbos and engines. We post our complete installation manuals online plus sample maps off real engines so that you can see what you are getting into. We prefer to give you the straight facts and let you decide.

8. Custom tailored. SDS is shipped for your application. It is pre-mapped for your injector size and engine displacement. The injector harness is completely pre-made for proper spacing, ready to plug in for your engine. Main harness length can be custom made to your specs. The main harness has all connectors installed for easy installation. Proper sensors are supplied for your engine, whether it is water or air cooled.

9. Logical, Proven Design. SDS was designed by racers for racers, not by some big committee of eggheads. Our system has been subjected in the lab to brutal testing and in the real world on street and racing cars for over 21 years. Ergonomically and functionally, we think you will find that SDS is a superior design for most performance enthusiasts and the reason why SDS are the most popular stand alone, programmable, EMSs which don't use a laptop in North America.

We invite you to compare our performance, features, price and tech support with any of our competitors. Please feel free to phone or E-mail any questions that you might have about SDS products. We would be happy to answer them.

Should I Buy This System?

While we believe that our system is the simplest on the market to install and program, it is still beyond some people's capabilities. This is not a magic bullet that will solve all of your problems without any work. Have realistic expectations and goals for your project. We get many people contacting us saying that they intend to have a streetable 10 second car that gets great fuel economy and idles like a watch. This probably will not happen in reality.

Evaluate your skills and knowledge. Installation of the E and F systems in particular, involve some custom fabrication to install the crank trigger system. Do you have the tools and knowledge to successfully complete this aspect? After installation, you must program the system properly. Even though we supply very complete instruction manuals, if you have no idea about the concepts of rich and lean, basic EFI theory or ignition timing requirements then you will probably not be able to program the system properly. We suggest that you explore our Tech Page and Manuals online thoroughly to gain as much understanding of basic theory and the system as possible before you decide to buy. If things seem way over your head after this, our system may not be for you. You will need patience and understanding to be successful with our system. There is a learning curve with all systems, including SDS. Be prepared to spend some time understanding the various parameters and what effect they have. We will not BS you and tell you that SDS is the best system for EVERY application. It isn't. You need to get all the facts and decide for yourself.

Price Comparisons

If you are comparing ready to go, total package prices, remember to include all options that you will need. Some systems do not include coils or crank triggers and of course you need a laptop to program most systems. Check to see if complete wiring harnesses come standard with the system.

As a standard price comparison on our most popular system, the 4 cylinder, 4F direct fire system with the most popular options, here is a price breakdown:

EM-5 4F *****************$1575US
3 Bar MAP sensor *********$100
Fuel pump relay ***********$30
Fast idle ******************$105
Total *********************$1810US

This system controls fuel and spark with direct fire coils. It comes with air and water temperature sensors standard, completely pre-made wiring harnesses for the injectors and computer with all connectors installed- made to your spec, coil pack, crank sensor, programmer with integral programming software and mixture trim knob. Standard O2 sensor internal data logging makes programming even faster. The system has full sensor diagnostics on screen and a check engine like function. Except for plug wires and fuel hardware such as injectors and pumps, you have everything you need to plug and play.

Here is a small sample (all right, it's a pretty big sample now) of some of the unsolicted testimonials that we have received: (Shortened and revised Dec. 9, 2013)

Just to let you guys know, Ive been using my SDS for over a decade and in that time Ive installed/tuned several other systems, from Megasquirt to Haltech, and SDS is by far the most enjoyable to work with! Ive never had an issue (that wasnt my own doing haha) and I love its "all business" approach to engine control. No obscure settings that take a week to sort out (ie: Megasquirt idle control on a Ford 5.0, that was a rough one!), random check boxes that are easily overlooked or even trying to learn/teach someone overly complicated ecu software before they can even try to turn the key! Even without the frills and colorful laptop interface, my commonly unstreetable setup (Mazda 2.0l with ITBs) has been more than comfortable and reliable enough to be daily driven whenever the upstate NY weather permits. So in short, thank you for putting together such a great product and I look forward to using it for many more years to come!



I would like to say how impressed I am with your site.
The information is direct and clear, the layout simple and the site is fast. I agree 100% with your misgivings about "flashy" websites. To my surprise, what I read was also accurate, without the marketing hype one normally encounters in the industry. You have shown guts by calling a spade a spade and name the bullshit for what it is. Would more effort be made to dispel the myths! I found myself nodding as I read even the most incidental technical comments. They were frank and dead right.

I just wanted to compliment you guys on your website. The content and information on it is some of the most informative stuff I've read on the internet. In a time when import mods are so popular, it's hard to find some good honest facts on the subject like you provide. Keep up the good work!

I just found your site tonight and I just want to tell you that I am very impressed with your EFI/ignition systems and straight forward approach to your customers. I have been a member of our university FSAE team for 3 years and have installed and programmed several "competitors" systems while on the team (might I also mention the several hours of frustration and 52 toothed wheel/crank trigger failures on top of the ignorance of the technical support). I have currently been looking into designing my own EFI system for the team and accidentally found your site. I was particularly impressed with your straight forward explanation of your systems and your awesome TECH/FAQ page (thank you for letting the truth out about the unnecessary accuracy of multiple input signal EFI methods, you really cleared that up for me). If I decide not to take a crack at my own system I will buy one of yours in a heartbeat. Your systems definitely fit the needs of someone who is looking to install what is needed on a racecar, rather than what is needed of a sunday driver. Thanks for your support of the FSAE teams, it is greatly appreciated.

Once again, I surely appreciate your fine support, prompt careful replies to my inquires and more-than-fair approach to all.

Hello again! I was just about to email you a "never mind, it's in my hands right now". You guys are awesome! That was an unbelievable turnaround! Thanks again!
PS - If you ever need another customer endorsement feel free to let me know!

What a awesome system you have put together !!!!! I just finished putting the final touches on the system..
Always starts.
Always works.
Always not the problem.

Wow! First that great website, and fast replies too!

I would like to take this time to thank you'll for your excellent service. I have dealt with you many times after buying a car equipped with your EFI. I believe that you have some of the best service in the industry. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!!

I really appreciate all of your help. You have been extremely helpful since the beginning of this project. Your competition could learn a thing or two from you about customer service.

I would like to applaud you for the excellent WEB site. It provides useful information without the usual sales propaganda and misinformation that is so prevalent. Keep up the good work and don't let the mindless Techno-Weenies into your company especially your WEB page. Your candor and confidence is also very impressive.

Thanks for all the help and service. I am sure that there are a lot of people behind the scenes so let them know that they rule!!!
Car is running great.


Thanks for all of your patience and tech support. If I'd read the manual more thoroughly and not made so many screw-ups on the installation, I wouldn't have had to phone you so much. I really appreciate the help and your understanding. Top notch support. My engine is running great now.

I have to thank you for your excellent support. It is a pleasure for us to work together with you and your staff.

Thank you so much for your support. I will recommend you and SDS to all.

I've received your mixture meter already, less than 24 hours after I ordered it. Amazing.

I love your tech pages as they are an INCREDIBLE resource.

Thank you for your prompt response... I also want to tell you guys how impressed I am of your website and all the WONDERFUL tech articles on it especially the one on how to build a turbo header...You guys are the best!!!

I took your advice and looked at your competitor's sites. Three of them had no useful information and no prices. They were slow to download and two were stupidly arranged. I phoned one for more info and was put on hold for over 5 minutes and then was greeted with a snotty attitude. They also bad mouthed SDS. I will be ordering a system from you shortly and must thank you for your prompt, realistic replies to my E-mail questions.

Awesome service! I ordered online on Tuesday and had the part in my hand on Wednesday at 10:30 AM. I'm impressed and continue to wonder why all companies can't give service like that.

I just found your web site, and am enjoying the various technical discussions on aircraft engine stuff.

Thanks a lot for all the great information. I think your system will fit the bill when I am ready. Nice to deal with a company that actually answers its e-mails.

First of all, thank you for a very candid and extremely informative web site. Iím always more interested in a technical product when the product information is available at MY convenience and am even more impressed when the site gives me some idea of pricing! Well done.

Great! I got it back today, and the car runs fine again! Once again, thanks for the quick repair and turnaround. If only all companies could work this way...

I am a skeptical consumer and quite frankly thought Racetech would be just another one of those companies on the web which never respond to questions or information requests. I almost could not believe it when I had a comprehensive reply to my E-mail within 20 minutes. I guess this is what you mean by no BS. I'm impressed...

Thanks again for all of your help and technical support over the past year. It was a long haul but well worth it. Your system and support are second to none. Thanks!

Just a note to say Hi, and once again , compliment you on your excellent, no BS site. I find myself coming back, every month or so, just to see what's new, and take a break from the all too common fluff, feathers, and just plain lies.

Let me first say that I really enjoy your SDSEFI website. It is by far the best aftermarket fuel injection page I have seen, (many times better than Haltech or Electromotive). It has a lot of information that I haven't been able to find anywhere else on the internet like "how to construct a turbo header" & "how to construct an intake manifold".

Thank you for the quick reply to my e-mail, most places take weeks or months to write back if they ever do.

So far, I have nothing but great stuff to say about SDS and Ross Farnham. All emails were answered within 6 hrs. I called them 3 times last week and got through right away. He always had answers for me. He shipped everything that I ordered, sooner than he had projected, and sent me tracking info. All that I can say is service from SDS is great.

Thanks ever so. You have been more helpful than anybody I have dealt with in the tuning field. It's not hard to see why SDS is thriving solely by word-of-mouth and the website. Thanks also for your promptitude.

PS--SDS rocks!

Thank you for answering my mail so fast. It means a lot that you care about your customers.

Wow! Thanks for the quick response!

You have really good service. (The best!!)

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your EIC system was a complete success story for me. It was easy to install and did exactly what it should efficiently and precisely.

Wow, you guys really do answer fast! Thanks.

I have phoned you at least 20 times over the last 3 years for tuning advice as I modify my engine and you always spend the time with me. I want you to know that I really appreciate this. I'm sure I've been a pest!

You guys solved my problem the first time I called. The idle is perfect now. Thanks.

By the way, thanks for the speedy reply. I wish I could be on top of my clients that way.

Awesome service! I had the part in my hands about 16 hours after I ordered it. You guys rule!

Hi, I want to commend you for your website. It is fantastic! I really like your philosophy and no nonsense discussions. Your site supports my feelings about the unreal claims commonly made by some companies. You have very good information and present it in a text that is easy to read and understand.

Thank you for the helpful insight and prompt answers.

By the way, I am very impressed with how responsive the SDS is out of the box. Though I have not yet driven my car, I can say that when I snap the throttle, it responds better than Digifant ever did. And this is before I have done any tuning! I think this system is excellent. The quality of parts and construction is super.

This is the best, most informative site on fuel injection I have seen.

Looks Great! It's nice to see a company that actually listens to its customers suggestions.

I just wanted to let you know that I finished installing the EM-6E system and, with a little hesitation on my part, turned the ignition key. The engine fired up on the second rotation and ran rather well with the initial programming. With some minor adjustments, it is running very smoothly.

I have an unusual engine - a port fuel injected 4.1 liter Australian Ford Crossflow. I thought I would have some difficulty getting a decent fuel injection system fitted to this engine, but the EM-6E was very easy to use.

SDS is everything you promised. The design is logical and well thought out, the programming is easy to understand, the price is right, and the components are first rate. And if I ever modify the engine I know that the system is adaptable.

Thank you for all your help. I got the ECU installed and started tuning last night. I'm about halfway thru the TP values and it's running great so far. I just need to play with the warmup values a bit. Switching to the TP load setup made a huge difference. Thank you for all the help you've provided. You have gone above and beyond what most other shops would to. I 100% can reccomend SDS to anyone looking for a EFI, based on your customer assistance.

First, let me just say that your web site is one of the best I have ever visited. It's simply packed with straight forward no-nonsense facts and advice. I learnt more about practical EMS tuning in the last two hours than I did reading 600 pages of books on EFI, turbocharging, etc, for which I paid over $80.

Greetings! The SDS is running great on the 4.1 Aussie Crossflow and I am extremely pleased with how easy it has been to adapt to the car. I've been averaging 22-23 mpg and the power output has been very good. The power delivery is smooth, the engine pulls from any rpm and the ability to map the ignition allows me to run relatively high compression without knocking. I can't say enough good things about how the SDS is working.

I installed an SDS in my Honda and I love your product. I am trying to convince some of my friends to buy the same system so they can enjoy the ease of tuning their motors. I went to the dyno yesterday to show how easy it was to tune my motor and I did just that getting 404Hp out of 1600cc B16A motor. They are believers now , I should be ordering some systems for them as soon as the money is available. Thanks a lot.

Well I had my car dynoed today and tuned for about three hours and about 22 pulls. I went from 280 hp on the high boost setting to 360 horsepower with tuning. I went from 190 hp on the low boost setting to 240 horsepower with tuning.

I can not be happy enough with SDS this system ROCKS SO HARD!!!!!!! I had it tested on a Wideband O2 sensor equipped machine so I could definetly get a good grasp of my air fuel mixture. This is at 16psi by the way, or 1.1 BAR. The lower setting is at 8pounds of boost. Made 357 horsepower to the rear wheels at 12:1 AFR. The factory torque is rated at 230 lb/ft of torque and this motor produced 421.5.

Thought you'd like to know. We have a new low ET of 9.80 at 137 mph. Haven't burnt a piston since we installed the SDS system. Thanks!! Its been two great years. The Pinto seems to be a crowd pleaser. A lot of disbelief that it's a four cylinder until the hood comes off.

I just want to thank you for the excellent products you sell. I've purchased the EIC along with the 2 injectors kit. It was the most well spent money I ever spent for my car project. Your product solved the hesitation/lean out issue I had in my turbocharged CRX Dx. Now I run stock fuel pressure @ 7 Lbs of boost with no power holes throughout the power band. Just like a factory turbocharged car.

My other friend is using a Tech II on his GTS and after seeing both systems I think that the SDS was A LOT more simple and easier to install and tune. My poor (Tech II) friend went thru all of what you guys said about buying software, which didn't work, then they bought other software, screwed around with a messed up/touchy Laptop, and all kinds of crap. That is what I want to avoid so I believe SDS is the way to go.

(Wow, I can't believe you personally answer the emails! This is so cool!)

Thank you for you very prompt response. I see why everyone has nothing but good things to say about your customer service!

I just wanted to thank you guys for putting up the "Fabricating a turbo header" article. The article and pictures helped me tremendously in building the turbo headers and turbo collector for my single turbo mustang project. It was my first attempt at a project of this caliber, and it turned out great! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

When is the last time that that you said: "I think I got more service than I paid for" This is what happened to me last week when I discovered a problem with Subaru EA82 MPFI controlled by a SDS EM-1 electronic fuel injection system produced 4 years ago by Racetech in Calgary, Canada.

I had 2 previous occasion of dealing with Ross Farnham ; one upon installation where I had radio interference problem and it was resolved right away by replacing the unit at no charge and very promptly. On the second occasion, I had inadvertly changed a programmed value in the reference memory and again they pointed me promptly to the probable problem and it was resolved right away.

This was already a pretty good record until I got this problem with one injector last Wednesday. I sent an email to Racetech on Thursday morning explaining the problem and asking for probable cause and how to remedy. Thursday noon came the following answer:

1)Probable cause was that I mounted the pulser unit right on the engine and vibration finally after years destroyed some connections.
2)I was asked to give my Street address and phone # and was told that replacement parts were to be sent via Fedex same day.
3)I sent them the address info and the # of my FEDEX charge account.
4)Next day, I had the parts, was able to repair and had my ZENAIR ZODIAC flying for the long weekend.
5)The attached hand written note said: We are sending these parts to you at NO-COST.


I just wanted to let you know that your tech help is the best I've ever encountered with any product. Previous to SDS, I owned another brand of system. Their tech help totally sucked and I never got my engine running properly after 2 years of shooting in the dark. SDS started up first try and even drove pretty well with your base map. In about 1.5 hours, I had it running really well and my car is FAST!!! Thanks again.

I am running an SDS system on my Golf (1988 w/Crossflow conversion and turbo setup, completed by Roch Cyr in Plantagenet, Ontario) and I managed to hit a 13.94 @ 101.7mph...which is wayyy above what I thought I would hit! I owe my SDS system a huge hug of happiness! Thank you Simple Digital Systems, keep up the great work!

I own the Starion with the 20G turbo. I was the one that had the triggering problems and sent my 4E ECU back, and had that MAP wiring run in...I am sure you remember me now. My car is EXCELLENT! I am still fine tuning it, but the system is ABSOLUTELY incredible! So simple and so effective! I can't tell you how happy I am. Very very nice.

My problems with tuning the TEC3 unit continue, and I'm reaching that point where a little voice in my head is saying, "Is all this worth it?".

So, would you be interested in discussing what it would cost me (and what components I'd need to buy new from you) to pull out the TEC3 and go to the SDS system? The more I read your website, the more I read your customer comments, the more I realize I made a mistake with the TEC unit. If I can make this transition within reasonable cost boundaries, I may just do it!

To date we have purchased and installed several of your systems with expected results- top quality, reliable, awesome- sure to be the topic of conversation!

Every time I wonder why I bought the SDS, your prompt service reminds me. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response Ross. I've heard that customer service is one of the high points of SDS and you have shown that to be true. I will post my satisfaction on the feedback board on the Starquestclub homesite!

Awesome tech support. Thanks for all the time you spent on the phone with me.

...I also want you to know that this is the best system I have ever used. I have a 944 turbo that makes over 600HP at the flywheel and it is still just a 2.5 liter 4 cyl. I wouldn't trade my SDS for anything.

Thanks for your time and assistance on my Lycoming O-320 coil module fuse problem. Since you have installed version 11 software and adjusted the timing advance for me, your system has operated flawlessly. You circled some engine temp values for me also, and I adjusted them more linear, mainly higher on the cooler engine temps and now my engine starts very good at all temps. I have a slightly rich condition on takeoff and good EGT's (mainly in the lower 1300's with probes located at 1.5 inches from the exhaust flange). On cruise at MAP's in the 17 to 22 range I have stochiometric and EGT's in the low 1400's. All EGT's are usually within 30 degrees F. Thanks for your help. Your system has breathed new life into my dinosaur Lycoming.

Thanks for the support, it's the best

I recently had some problems with my SDS EIC - it was shutting off at 5400 RPM. I called your company and was transferred to Barry who was an excellent help and immediately knew the problem. He advised me to send in my unit and he would return it ASAP! I sent in my EIC last Tuesday and had it back on Thursday - absolutely fantastic. I re-installed the unit in the car and it works flawlessly right up to redline. Thank you VERY much for your excellent and speedy service.

...I must admit, I do not think that any other company takes the time to answer these types of e-mail. Thank you for your service and the advice offered.

I bought an '86 T-bird, which was equipped with an SDS by the previous owner. I use the T-bird for NHRA stock eliminator. My car is the current NHRA K/FIA National record holder. I recently competed at the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals at Bristol, Tennessee and was the #1 qualifier in Stock eliminator. I like the ease of using the SDS. It is a great product.

A friend of mine bought one of your units and after a steep learning curve, we got it, running and we thought, pretty closely tuned.... The car is a 91 Dodge Spirit RT that we took the 16v trouble prone motor out and dropped in an 8 valve with a bit of work including a much larger turbo and injectors... these cars are notorious for bad idle with the aforementioned items usually... as well as having SERIOUS issues passing emissions... Well, we just ran it through and passed with FLYING colors...... we didn't have the 02 sensor installed, only tuned it to keep the EGT temps right around 1600 under boost.... wow, I am SO impressed after having been the right seat tuner while he drives.. I can't believe we were ever worried it would be hard to use.... it is SO easy..... kudos to you all.... even though we are running an old version ..its still sweet... Good work guys!!!

From Dubfest 2005: We hit 487whp @ 22psi on a 7k rpm pass, usally 8k rpm, crowd went nuts, word got around quick and we had a huge crowd around my gti in about 5 minutes...god I love sds.

Jesse Padilla

First off I would like to tell you that I am extremly happy with your product. I have it installed on an 1988 Conquest and wow what a night and day difference the SDS makes. It started right up on a fresh rebuilt motor with a performance cam and other mods without even messing with the settings.. I knew right then that I had a awesome product!! I have to admit that I am not a "motor head" but your instructions were written that a child could probably understand. I had another EFI system installed that I couldn't even get it to idle right and was almost to the point of putting the oem stuff back on until someone pointed me to you guys. This system is top notch in my book!!

Another racing buddy that has been fighting installing and programming an Accel system is watching me with a jealous eye. I'll let you know how everything goes. Might be a few weeks but I'll drop a note. Thanks again for excellent response to my e-mail questions. Your willingness to work with me definitely helped me make up my mind to try the SDS system. You seemed to have the right approach to keeping something simple that others have overcomplicated just because they can't or don't understand how an engine works in the real world.

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