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January's Featured Project: Pontiac Sunfire Drag Car

Pontiac Sunfire Drag Car

This Sunfire was prepared by Byron Clemens and Paul Zambas in Harper Woods , Michigan. It is powered by the naturally aspirated 8 valve 2.2 liter 4 cylinder engine. Modifications include a roller cam, Mahle pistons, 1.75 inch tubular exhaust, custom fabricated intake manifold fitted with 370cc RPD injectors and a throttle body with twin 2.125 inch butterflys. An SDS EM-1F management system controls fuel and ignition.

Pontiac Sunfire Drag Car The car runs a 3T40 automatic with M/T 20x8 slicks up front. Car weight is 2300 lbs. Best run so far is 14.3 @ 97 mph.

If you have any questions regarding the car or SDS installation, you may e-mail Byron at bclemen@cms.cc.wayne.edu

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