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Last Update: July 3/23

Aviation Options

This page shows and explains some of the options available for aviation systems as far as ECUs, coil pack and fuel block mounting goes, along with some of the optional electronic features we offer.


We offer systems in either single or dual ECU configurations. Dual ECUs offer increased redundancy.

Single ECU

Dual ECU

On 4 cylinder dual ECU systems, each ECU runs one set of 4 spark plugs at all times and fuel injectors are driven off one or the other ECU through a selector switch and relay set.

On 6 cylinder dual ECU systems, each ECU runs one set of 6 spark plugs at all times and normally 3 injectors are driven off one ECU, the other three off the other ECU. In the event of an ECU failure, you can select either primary or backup ECU to run all 6 injectors off one ECU.

On both systems, losing one ECU will result in the engine running on just half the spark plugs.

Electronic Options

We offer 3 main electronic options or features:

1. Individual Cylinder Fuel Trim

This option allows you to trim the amount of fuel +/- 20% to each cylinder in flight, in order to balance air fuel ratios between cylinders with uneven airflow. Results in smoother running and potentially lower fuel flows. $300US. On 6 cylinder engines, you must have dual ECUs to have this capability.

2. PC Data Logging

This option allows you to log data from the ECU to a Windows device in real-time. Can display a digital gauge cluster, graphically log, text log and you can print programmer values on a single page. Connects via USB cable. Additional hardware is installed in the ECU and you download the Windows software online. $110US More info: data logging info

3. Card Data Logging

This option allows you to log data from the ECU to a data card in real-time on EM-6 ECUs. Uses the same SDS DASH software as above to view and manipulate data on a Windows device. Module connects via audio cable to ECU. Introductory price is $200US.

4. Digital Fuel Flow Output

This option eliminates the need for mechanical fuel flow transducers such as Flo-Scan and Red Cube. We output a pulse train to popular glass engine monitors which can then display the fuel flow. Lighter, safer cheaper and more reliable than mechanical transducers. $100US

Coil Pack Mounting

We offer several different types of coil pack mounts to suit different engine/ airframe combinations and personal preferences.

4 Cylinder Options

Top crankcase mount. Available for Wide Deck Lycoming engines only

Main advantage of this choice is that the plug wires don't have to penetrate the baffling. Only one coil pack can be mounted on top of the case and this normally fires the top plugs.

This is the magneto hole mount option

We provide new CNC'd hold down clamps for this option. No gaskets are used. Covers are sealed with RTV only.

6 Cylinder Options

Top case mount

Mounted on Lycoming IO-540

Mag hole mount

Shown on Lycoming IO-540

Dual coil mount for RV-10s

Mounts to engine mount tubes. Frees up space behind the engine for better access

Magneto cover. Install without gasket, just RTV.

Fuel Block Options

Fuel blocks take fuel from the pumps, distribute fuel to each injector and have a port to take fuel to the pressure regulator. The regulator controls return flow to keep fuel pressure at a constant differential over manifold pressure. The blocks also have a 1/8 NPT port to take off fuel pressure. Main ports are 1/4 NPT, individual injector ports are 1/8 NPT.

4 cylinder baffle mount with drilling template

Baffle mount block on IO-390

4 cylinder top crankcase mount

6 cylinder baffle mount with drilling template

6 cylinder top crankcase mount

Top crankcase mount on IO-540 Lycoming

Fuel block for Rotax and Jabiru engines directly mounts a non-adjustable pressure regulator on one end

Fuel Filter Options

SDS 40 micron pre and post pump fuel filters with replaceable SS elements. 2 sizes available (small is 3.55 X 1.5", large is 4.75 X 2"). Can mount one large one before pumps or a small one in each wing root. We usually supply a small one to mount after the pumps, before the fuel block.

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